Attendance and Punctuality

I would like to thank families for your support with school attendance.  Our attendance is currently at 96.0% across the whole school. Some of this improvement is due to a reduction in requests for term time holidays. You are no doubt aware that changes to legislation mean that schools can no longer authorise absences for term time holidays or occasional family events except in very exceptional circumstances. If you do need to make a request in exceptional circumstances please address these to Mr Hill.

We expect students to attend school every day and arrive on time. Students should be in school at least five minutes before Registration time is due to begin.

The School Day
Arrive at school by 08.40
Registration 08.45
Period 1 09.00 - 09.50
Period 2 09.50 - 10.40
Break 10.40 - 11.05
Period 3 11.05 - 11.55
Period 4 11.55 - 12.45
Lunch 12.45 - 13.35
Period 5 13.35 - 14.25
Period 6 14.25 - 15.15
School Ends 15.15

Notification of Absences

If your child is going to be absent or unavoidably late please call the Attendance Officer on 0208 943 0033 before 10.00am. Upon return to school students should bring an absence note for their form tutor in their diary.

Late Arrivals

Students must sign in at Student Services when they arrive late. Lateness is monitored and recorded. Students arriving in school or at registration after 08.45 will be marked late and will be given an automatic after-school detention and one behaviour point.  Students arriving after 09.00 will also receive an automatic after-school detention and two behaviour points (unless the school judges that there is a legitimate reason for the lateness).   Failure to attend the late detention will result in an SLT detention.

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