Teddington School proposal to join Bourne Education Trust – a message from the Trustees

The Trustees of Teddington School have decided to join the Bourne Education Trust, a mostly Surrey-based multi-academy trust (MAT). The Department for Education is in support of this proposal as are the Trustees of Bourne Education Trust (BET).

Why have the Trustees chosen to join Bourne Education Trust?

Since the school’s Requiring Improvement status at the last Ofsted inspection, the Trustees of Teddington School and the Senior Leadership Team have been planning for the further improvement of the school as a centre of excellence as well as considering how best to secure the school’s financial future.  We know that there will be a challenging financial climate in years to come, with school budgets being cut severely. Bourne Education Trust has considerable experience in turning schools around both educationally and financially.

We have come to this conclusion over the course of this year having worked with Bourne Education Trust on a school to school support basis during 2018-2019.  The Trustees and Headteacher have undertaken a lot of research and talked to the Department for Education. As a result of those discussions between Trustees, we feel strongly that the school will thrive and grow with the support and collaboration provided by Bourne Education Trust.  Its ethos and values are very much in accord with ours and we believe that working with BET would be in the best interests of the pupils, the staff and the wider Teddington community.

As a member of BET, the Board of Teddington School will convert to a Local Governing Committee of the Board of Trustees of BET. We will therefore retain responsibility for the strategic direction of Teddington School. Unlike other MATs, BET positively encourages all schools to maintain their own distinctiveness and ethos. In addition to this, Kathy Pacey will be a member of BET’s Executive Group of senior leaders in the Trust.

How will joining Bourne Education Trust improve the education of my child?

Joining a MAT will bring a number of key benefits for our pupils; including:

  • A shared and collaborative approach to improving education
  • Access to specialists at BET and its schools to support our education and financial improvement plans
  • Support and economies of scale with the procurement of goods and services such as HR, Information and Communications Technology, health and safety, finance, etc. 
  • Access to funds to support investment in buildings and facilities.

What is the proposed timescale?

Both Teddington and BET Trustees feel that we would be ready to join Bourne Education Trust on 1 September 2019. The Teddington Trustees felt it to be important to let everyone know of our plans as soon as practical.  This will give all stakeholders the opportunity to ask questions and contribute to a successful transition process. For more information on Bourne Education Trust please visit

You are free to email the Teddington Trustees at any time with any questions, concerns or comments you may have.  Please send your emails to You are also free to email Bourne Education Trust at any time, please send your emails to Kate Sanders, COO on

We will be holding an Open Meeting on Thursday 6 June 2019 at 6.30pm.  At this meeting parents and carers, and any other interested parties, may find out more about the merger plans. BET leaders, Teddington Trustees and senior staff will attend.

You can register to attend here

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Teddington School proposal to join Bourne Education Trust – a message from the Trustees 

Letters have been sent out to families regarding this are available on the school website at

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