Examination Results

Examination Results 2017

Attainment 8 = 54.05.  This is significantly above the Local Authority average and National average indicating students at Teddington School achieve significantly higher grades overall.


o   85% of students achieve a pass in English and Maths (5% increase on 2016)

o   66% of students achieve a ‘strong pass’ in English and Maths

o   89% of students achieve a pass in Maths (5% increase on 2016)

o   88% of students achieve a pass in English (4% increase on 2016)

o   30% of all grades achieved were at A/A* or grades 7, 8 or 9 in English/Maths

·         At A Level…

o   Results place Teddington School in the top 10-25% of similar schools nationally at A Level and top 10% nationally at As Level

o   Over half of all grades achieved were at B grade or higher

o   A quarter of all grades achieved were at A/A* 

The following link provides access to the DfE School performance tables website, which will be updated for Summer 2017 results during the Autumn term.



  • School Improvement 2014 – 2017

We have been working hard at the school to make sure that all students have the right opportunity to succeed.  Since April 2014 our top-level achievement has improved significantly with the percentage of students achieving 5 A*-C grades at GCSE rising from 73% to 81%. However, we know that this is not enough alone. One of Teddington School’s main principles is that everyone who comes to Teddington School has the chance to make as much progress as they can, regardless of their starting point.  On that measure we have also improved significantly.

The chart below shows how our students achieved in 2013 and 2016.  As you can see, in 2013 there was a big difference in the progress that different types of students made.  In particular students who started their life at the school at a lower point did not do as well as others and achieved well below what was expected of them.  The chart of the right shows how the students did in 2016. All of our students now perform significantly above what would be expected of them.


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