Homework enables children to build on their experience in school and to encourage their development as independent learners. Homework will vary in type and style and may include reading, research, topic work or consolidation and practice of skills and techniques. Tasks may be submitted as handwritten or drawn work, electronically produced on a computer, or submitted via the Teddington School Firefly site (Virtual Learning Environment), or Doddle.

All students will be given a homework diary and timetable at the beginning of each academic year. Subject teachers will ask students to record their homework clearly so that families are able to support their children. We ask that the diary is checked each week, and signed when this is done. Tutors will also check and monitor the use of the diary each week, and read any messages that are written in it, and respond to these.

Homework Timetables

Please see the 2017/18 homework timetables below.

Year 7
Year 8
Year 9
Year 10
Year 11

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