Restorative Approach

Teddington School is a member of the Restorative Justice Council, and all staff, are aware of the restorative approach and its benefits.

As a restorative school we pride ourselves on the strength of relationships between all members of the school. These underpin our cohesive community, helping provide a calm and ordered learning environment.

A restorative approach is one that focuses on how anti social behaviour has impacted on the community and allows, those involved, acknowledging this, and make good any harm done. If those involved do not engage with a restorative approach then a more traditional approach to behaviour management will be applied

Following incidents in school if appropriate those involved will be given the opportunity to discuss the incident to find a positive way to move forward.

Teddington School believes that applying a restorative approach is the foundation for innovative and rigorous learning experiences, which ultimately deliver excellent outcomes.

Brigid Medlam MSc BA Dip

Restorative Approaches Facilitator ACRJC

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