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Vision for Sixth Form

Our core purpose of our Sixth Form at Teddington is to focus on the individual student from the moment you join us and to ensure you realise your unique potential academically, physically and socially through dedicated, innovative and enthusiastic teaching and learning. We expect you to learn to take responsibility for your own learning and to demonstrate a committed and conscientious approach to your studies to enable you to carve and secure your future pathway.

We believe that both excellence and progress should be equally celebrated. We believe we can achieve and aspire to greater things. We will accomplish this through the sharpening of our academic skills and social awareness which will allow us to adapt to an ever-changing society and become responsible citizens of tomorrow.

Please take the time to invest in your future success by looking at the extensive range of courses and activities we have to offer and we look forward to discussing your future in our community sixth form.

Ms Kath Corrigall, Head of Key Stage 5/Assistant Head

Twitter: @tedd6form

Admission to Teddington Sixth Form – September 2019 start

The Sixth Form Open Evening will  be held on Wednesday 7 November 2018 from 6.00-8.00pm, with talks by Ms K Pacey (Headteacher), Ms K Corrigall (Head of KS5/Assistant Head) and Head Boy & Head Girl in the Sixth Form Student Study Centre.

Applications to Teddington School Sixth Form will be made through the UCAS Progress Website and applications can be submitted from 4 October 2018.  

Please note that all communications will be sent through UCAS Progress, so please provide an email address that is checked regularly on your application.



I am delighted that  you are taking the time to consider Teddington Sixth Form as the place to undertake your Post 16 pathway. This is a very exciting time for Teddington School as we enter our fourth year and build on the success following our A level results from the summer 2018. 

I appreciate your Post-16 education will play a vital role in helping you to achieve success in the future and our aim is to help you acquire and develop the skills and qualifications you need to meet the demands the next stage in your life will bring. In this respect I recognise it is essential we provide all our students with the skills to be independent and knowledgeable learners, and that we develop global citizens who are able to progress confidently into the workplace of the 21st century.   

With a wide range of courses, inspiring teaching, strong support and an extensive enrichment programme, I believe Teddington Sixth Form will be large enough to offer you the choices you want, but small enough so you can thrive in a supportive and friendly environment. With our fantastic new Sixth Form Centre, a more adult relationship with staff and a greater degree of independence, it will also seem different enough so you feel you have matured as an individual.  

As a student at Teddington you will be expected to take responsibility for your own learning and demonstrate a committed and conscientious approach to your studies. However, whilst you will be encouraged to become an independent learner, you will not be left on your own as your academic progress will be closely monitored to ensure you remain on track to realise your full potential.  I believe such a caring and proactive approach to post-16 study will produce excellent results and is a distinctive feature of our sixth form.

Alongside high academic standards, we are also keen to focus on your personal development by placing a strong emphasis on involvement in extra-curricular enrichment activities. Whether this is participating in sports teams, the Duke of Edinburgh programme, or assisting and leading others within the school and wider community, I want you to grasp the opportunities we present.

Please take time to invest in your future success by looking at the extensive range of courses and activities we will have on offer.   

I look forward to discussing your future in our sixth form community.

Ms Corrigall

Please Click Here for the Year 11, Post 16 Assembly PowerPoint Presentation.

 Higher Education Evening was held on 20 March, 2018

For those of you who were unable to attend the 2018 Higher Education Evening you can download the presentation here.

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