Student Leadership

Giving students opportunities to develop and demonstrate their leadership skills is an important to Teddington. Students need to develop a range of personal, emotional and social skills if they are to thrive as members of their community and succeed in the workplace.

Opportunities for leadership occur right from the start of Year 7, where students may often be asked to lead group work, or feedback on behalf of a group, or to direct small video projects, as well as having an opportunity to represent their form or year on the student council. Such opportunities will continue throughout the school. As students progress through the school they will have the opportunity to coach others, including primary school children, in a range of sport and fitness activities; to represent and lead their house; to direct the inter-house drama competition; to become prefects; to sit on interview panels for new staff; to be house captains. Once in the Sixth Form, students will be able to take the lead with clubs and activities for younger students and to carry out a range of duties and responsibilities in school.

Such leadership opportunities provide students with the chance to develop decision making skills, to understand the nature of commitment and responsibility and it nurtures in them heightened self esteem arising from earning the respect of their peers and staff.

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