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School Funding 

Families will be aware of the national issue of reduced school funding and will be interested to know how it is affecting us here at Teddington School. 

A website,, reports, incorrectly, that Teddington School will receive £720,000 less in funding next academic year. In fact we are expecting a reduction of £422,000. This comes from reduced funding and an increase in employer costs (paying additional National Insurance and pensions costs for our employees). 

All state schools are facing similar circumstances and are making changes to save money. 

This will affect Teddington School next year by 

  •  Some increased class sizes 
  • Ensuring we only have enough staff to cover the timetable 
  • Charging for holiday revision next year 

The governance and financial management of the school is strong. We will continue to find appropriate efficiencies and use our public funding prudently. Increasingly the funding we receive is only able to cover our core teaching and learning activities. Yet we are, of course, keen to maintain the additional curricular and extra curricular offer that enriches the students’ experience.

This will only be sustainable if families are able to financially support the school until such time as the funding shortfall for schools is remedied. Like other headteachers, I find it very difficult to be asking for parental financial support for a state school. Yet key aspects of our school services will not be able to be funded without your help. 

My thanks to the families who have answered previous requests for financial support. Around 10% of families have responded to the requests. Last year we were very grateful to receive £11,000 from these families. £4800 of this sum comes from the £400 per month we receive from monthly contributions to our covenant scheme.

 If you do not yet contribute please consider making a much needed contribution. Of course, these are voluntary contributions which will enable the school to continue to offer the wide opportunities that we wish to provide for your child. 

Making a Contribution 

The suggested contribution is £20 per month, per student. This amounts to £240 per year. However, the amount you give is entirely up to you and all donations are appreciated. Many families already support at a higher level than this and others are contributing what they can

You can make contributions on a monthly or annual basis, either by cheque, standing order, or cash.  Please print, complete and return the attached donation form to the School Office.

The PTA have arranged an easy solution for those of you who operate on line. Please click here for the link to the on-line form for MyDonate. Just fill in the form and the PTA will do the rest. Don't worry about Gift Aid, the PTA will be in touch to claim it back from the government. 

Please make your donation achieve even more at no extra cost to you by completing the Gift Aid section of the donation form, if you are able. This will allow us to increase the value of donations by 25%. Please note that if you are a higher rate taxpayer, you can claim the additional tax relief due to you on your Self Assessment tax return or by asking HM Revenue and Customs to adjust your tax code. 

A local campaign group, Fair Funding For Schools Richmond Branch, is very mobilised and would be grateful for your support. We can work together as a community to ensure schools are appropriately funded.

Until schools are appropriately funded again your donations will ensure we can continue to offer the whole school experience we want for our students. 

Yours sincerely 




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