Modern Languages

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All students at Teddington School benefit from the study of at least one or two foreign languages. We aim to enable learners to understand and use the foreign language for communication and to enhance students' personal and social development in a European context. In addition to the teaching staff the school also aim to employ native language assistants. They work with small groups of students. 


Key Stage 3 (Years 7, 8 and 9)


All students study French in Year 7. Most students will have some experience of French from their primary schools and we assess this at the start of the year. In Years  8 and 9 the majority of our students study both French and German. In this way students experience two very different languages and have a basis for some choice when looking at possible GCSE options.


Students are taught in mixed ability groups at KS3 and at KS4 students are broadly set according to ability using key data such as assessment results, classwork and homework. Setting is flexible and is regularly reviewed throughout the year.


Our schemes of work are based on the following textbooks published by Heinemann:
Yr 7 French – Access Studio for the first half term then Studio 1 ISBN - 9780435026967
Yr 8 French – Studio 2 Vert ISBN - 9780435026936 or Studio 2 Rouge ISBN – 9780435026974
Yr 8 German – Echo Express 1 ISBN – 9780435388973
Yr 9 German – Echo Express 2 ISBN – 9780435389512
Yr 9 French – Studio 3 Vert ISBN 9780435026950 or Studio 3 Rouge ISBN 9780435026943


Students usually  have use of shared textbooks in class and can access them electronically via Fronter enabling them to revise, recap and access all activities including listening at home. If you find it more convenient you may also wish to purchase a paper copy using the ISBN details above. We also recommend that all students have a small gem or pocket dictionary and  verb tables to help with homework, an ideal stocking filler!! 

Language is taught through various topics including family, leisure, food and holidays. Students are encouraged to speak as much as possible in the target language during their lessons. The teaching is enhanced through use of games and interactive activities. All Teddington students can access the Vocab Express website at school and at home-  very useful for revising vocabulary. We also encourage them to use the Duolingo App regularly at home if possible

AQA Website

Key Stage Four

Learning a foreign language is a very important skill for students to have in their future lives at work, for future study and leisure. It is a very popular choice at GCSE. Students can opt to study French and /or German in Years 10 and 11 leading to a GCSE qualification (AQA) exam board. GCSE Spanish is also on offer to students who have shown themselves to be good linguists in the lower school, as it is studied to GCSE in under 2 years ( Years 10 and 11) . Students may also attend the Spanish Club if they wish to get a head start or just for fun.

KS4 resources / textbooks published by Pearson

French : Studio AQA GCSE French Higher (Pearson)  ISBN 978-1446927199 (or Foundation ISBN 978-1292117751)

German:   Stimmt AQA GCSE German Higher (Pearson)  ISBN 978-1292118185 (or Foundation ISBN 978-1292132600)

Spanish:  AQA GCSE Spanish Higher (OUP)  ISBN 978-1408521823


We strongly recommend that those studying GCSE purchase their own copy of the textbook for use in class and at home, though they can be accessed online currently through Firefly.    GCSE students may also wish to purchase Revision Workbooks and Revision guides published by Pearson

Examinations :

A GCSE in languages tests the 4 skill areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing.  Each of the skills are worth 25% and are all tested in exams in the May/ June of year 11.  Each student will sit an individual speaking exam in early May before the start of the main examination period.

GCSE AQA Exam Board specifications:

8658 GCSE French

8668 GCSE German

8698 GCSE Spanish

We recommend that you either print off or read the syllabus online with your son/daughter in preparation for the course.


Trips and Exchanges

The Languages Department offers students the opportunity to take part in trips abroad, currently including visits to Berlin, Paris and Madrid. We also run an extremely popular and well established exchange programme to Konstanz in southern Germany and are hoping to add a French trip in the near future.

French PPE AS Exam February 2016

A2 PPE French Listening test February 2016

French Listening Mar 2015 AS

French Listening Nov 2015 A2

Spanish Listening Mar 2015

Spanish Listening Nov 2015 AS

Spanish Listening Nov 2015 A2

Spanish Listening Mar 2016 AS

Spanish Listening Mar 2016 A2

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