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PSHCE is currently taught to all Key Stage 3 students for one period per week. Our curriculum offering covers a whole range of key issues to support students in their personal, social, health and citizenship education.  In Year 7 students cover areas including bullying and internet safety, economic well-being, healthy lifestyles and the importance of democracy. Year 8 students look at environmental issues, the importance of respect and tolerance, forms of discrimination and an introduction to relationships and sexual education. In Year 9 we cover areas including crime and the law, the dangers of drugs and alcohol, issues around mental health, radicalisation and we continue with with more detailed sexual education. All our RSE lesson are delivered by the local charity LVA who have experience and training in the delivery of sexual education and controversial issues, such as FGM.

Our PSHCE program is designed to promote British Values and focus on developing students spiritual, moral, social and cultural education.

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